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09/18/20, 03:23 PM

Author Topic: does anyone know how to put a cot mod in nr2003 demo??? i have vista  (Read 3601 times)

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i want to know how to put the COT MOD in nr2003 demo if i can.. or any other mods

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You have to have the v1.2.01 patch installed in order to load mods and the demo doesn't have the patch applied I bet!

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Yeah, you can't do anything with the demo. You need the real game for mods and such to work.

I don't even think you can change a paint scheme in the demo. I might be wrong though.
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well i had dowloaded cars on here and i got new cars but the paint's is messed up

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u can download regular cup mod cars (pappy) only

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well i believe degapro has a way but yeah you need the patch. there are tutorials around the web floatin around