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09/20/19, 01:10 AM

Author Topic: My 2010 Rides for Realracersinc!!  (Read 1394 times)

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My 2010 Rides for Realracersinc!!
« on: 09/21/09, 10:14 PM »
Heres 3 of my 0'10 rides!!!!

Dollar General:
Temp\contigs: BCR
Logos: google\deadpool
Numbers: Masgrafx
Sig: Me
Render: Ten0r
Base: RPD

Do you likes or no??

Sony Ericsson:
Deadpool base
BCR temp and contigs
Google logos
masgrafx #s
render ten0r

NOS Interush:
Base Deadpool
Logos Deadpool
Temp BCR
Contigs BCR
Render TenOr

Please leave a comment and tell me how they look or anychanges that will make em better!

PS the NOS Car is my primary!

NOTE: Sorry if this breaks any rules  :'(  If it does feel free to delete it Robert!

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