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11/27/22, 08:31 PM

Author Topic: To Hell With The Devil  (Read 2711 times)

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To Hell With The Devil
« on: 02/23/20, 03:45 PM »
Ok so I hope this Doesn't Offend anyone But ever since I first seen the Paint Scheme of Justin Haley I just couldn't but help to think of the Band Stryper and the Yellow and Black attack.Sooooooooooooo tonight I combined the two to create this using #84 as they debut in 1984.So if I offend you I'm sorry but not sorry that I did this.
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Re: To Hell With The Devil
« Reply #1 on: 02/24/20, 10:50 PM »
I think it rocks! Definitely looks like a modern scheme. Nice work!

Chad did one waaaaaay back for the battle of the band cup90 cars.

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Re: To Hell With The Devil
« Reply #2 on: 02/26/20, 12:47 PM »
That is awesome!  Always room for a Stryper car. They have been my favorite band since the late 80's. Seen them 3 times, twice in the last two years.  Good job.