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09/21/21, 04:06 AM

Author Topic: Whelen Modified season starting  (Read 1589 times)

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Whelen Modified season starting
« on: 04/04/15, 08:29 AM »
Hey All,
 Over at Hobo Racing , www.hoboracing.com
 we are starting up the Whelen Modified series ( season 2 ) next week.
 We are finishing up with the winter season and have only 1 race remaining.
 I will have the sprint season schedule posted soon. This series runs on Thursday nights in fixed setups.
 We also offer Gen 6 on Tuesday Nights in opens setups and Cup12ss_cts on Sundays in fixed sets.
 Our numbers are good but we are looking to add 2 driver to each series.
 If your interseted you can sign up on the website or this link http://www.hoboracing.com/EVO/modules.php?name=Feedback

 Thanks , Steve