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08/06/20, 07:04 PM

Author Topic: bored  (Read 2016 times)

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« on: 12/22/13, 04:18 PM »
Was so bored the other day, missing having any racing to watch, that I looked up the 1992 cup race from Sears Point on youtube.  What the heck? I had no idea who won!  So I watched it and got my fix for a while.  Pretty good race.  Ernie Irvan in the Kodak car started on the front row along side Ricky Rudd in the Tide Lumina.  Ernie jumped the start and had to go to the back of the pack after a pass thru penalty.  He went on to win anyway!  Was petty exciting.  Was cool to see the old Lumina's and Cutlass's out there!

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Re: bored
« Reply #1 on: 12/23/13, 02:56 AM »
Yea,those oldies do the trick when you need your racing "fix".I always see something I missed,so the are quite "entertaining"....hehe