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07/05/20, 11:32 PM

Author Topic: ARCA Needs Priceline to Run Sponsorship  (Read 1339 times)

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ARCA Needs Priceline to Run Sponsorship
« on: 05/24/12, 09:08 PM »
Something I've been moaning about with my FB friends; I've watched a couple of ARCA races and noticed that several of the front runners (including the winner of Daytona) have NO sponsors on most of their cars.

I made a comment along the lines of: "I'm gonna take someone a set of tires and get on a quarter panel - CHEAP!"  One of my friends who works for an ARCA team told me it would never happen - $25G minimum to get on a quarter panel.

WTF?  Don't these guys watch Priceline commercials?  Sponsorship opportunities have a shelf life.  I understand that they don't want to undervalue their opportunities... BUT THE SPONSORSHIPS HAVE BEEN UN-SOLD FOR A QUARTER OF THE SEASON ALREADY!!  I can see that they wouldn't want to GIVE the space away... but accepting anything for an unsold quarterpanel is AT LEAST positive cash flow.  Business 101 as far as I'm concerned.

This is why I'm not too surprised or unhappy when a race team folds.