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12/04/22, 03:03 AM

Author Topic: Dirt 55 Mod Now Available from DMR  (Read 21285 times)

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Re: Dirt 55 Mod Now Available from DMR
« Reply #20 on: 12/19/11, 10:17 AM »
You all did great work, its a quality mod! Its just not the mod I thought you were making. I thought you were doing one representative of the 1955 Nascar Grand National season.

WE didn't make anything here... this mod was created by Denis Rioux and the crew at www.desmodsracing.com

So it's an even further stretch that you would come here to vent your frustration with the result of the mod offered.

I simply posted a link to it from here so our members would know that it was available.
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Re: Dirt 55 Mod Now Available from DMR
« Reply #21 on: 12/22/11, 07:51 PM »
P;ain and simp;e for those who just dont want to understand. Modding is not an easy thing to to nor is easy to please all. So either give respect and run it or don't run it and see if you can do better. Plain and simple. I run what is givin. If i like it I keep it on the hard drive and if i dont  i know where the delete button is located on my keyboard. No matter what I will not complain or say its wrong or whatnot and I will give credit where its due for te time and effort that was put into it. Make suggestions but dont bash someones work.
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