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04/08/20, 10:43 PM

Author Topic: OWR Crashes To Desktop  (Read 1181 times)

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OWR Crashes To Desktop
« on: 07/19/10, 07:23 PM »
Hi guys,

I'm asking this around at a number of sites trying to get as many ideas as possible, so if you see this someplace else, and you've responded here, just ignore the other ones. Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts & suggestions...

I'm in need of some help here before I pull out what little hair I have left.

Here's what I've done:
Created a new folder called: NR2003 Roadies.
Fresh install of NR2003.
Installed the Patch.
Installed the PWF Cup Damage.
Installed the PWF GNS Mod.
Installed the PWF GNS Volumetric Shadow Fix.
Installed the PWF Truck Mod.
Installed the IROC Mod.
Installed the PWF IROC Model Fix.
Installed the PWF TA Mod.
Installed the OWR v1 Mod.
Installed the OWR07 Mod.
Deleted from series folder: GNS, CTS & IROC folders.

No other add-ons (sounds, tracks, cars, etc.)

The only 'mods' in this particular installation are the default 'CUP' one, PTA & OWR (beta & '07).

What it does:
I can run both testing and single races with the PTA mod. I haven't tried a full 'Season' yet because, with the OWR mod, I seem to be able to run Practice sessions until my eyes bleed, but as soon as I select 'Single Race' and click the 'Race' button (after letting everything load so that I'll be at the back of the field) it crashes to the desktop (CTD).

The other odd glitch I've noticed (and this is a totally new one separate from the CTD that caused me to do a fresh install in the 1st place) is that the trans seems to falter coming out of 1st gear for a while before it finally 'catches' (for testing purposes I'm using a joystick and an automatic trans).

I don't know if it's some corrupted .car file or some setting in the .ini I don't know about or ...?

So...thoughts? Any help...and I mean any at this point would be greatly appreciated.


By the way, this is the only mod I'm having a problem with. I've got 4 different installs of NR2K3: Original(CUP/Cot/CTS/GNS), Dirt (CUP/Whelen/Outlaws), Oldies (CUP/GN63/GN70/GN70SS) & Roadies (CUP/PTA/OWRv1[I don't really play this one...I only installed it because I read somewhere that it might need to be installed prior to OWR07]/OWR07).
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