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08/24/19, 07:22 PM

Author Topic: Congratz Donnie!!!!!  (Read 875 times)

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Congratz Donnie!!!!!
« on: 06/27/10, 06:43 PM »
Donnie "ZERO" Hill get first Main Event Racing Series (MERS) Win in Spectacular Fashion at Home Track
Columbus - June 26, 2010

A MERS win has been a long time in the making for Donnie Hill.  Hill, has won over 100 races at last night's venue, Columbus Motor Speedway.  He has also won in a number of other venues including the Hooters Cup series.  In his first year of full-time MERS racing, Hill has finished progressively higher in every race this year, coming in at 7th, 5th, 2nd and now 1st.  Prior to last night's race, Hill was sitting in third place in the series points - 54 points behind the veteran Jimmy Carter.  Those who have followed Hill are not surprised.

Hill qualifyied with the second fastest time behind Jimmy Carter.   Hill and Carter who started in the fifth and sixth positions respectively, had little trouble moving to the front of the action.  And it was the Carter-Hill show for the rest of the race.  And what a show it was.  Hill dogged Carter for nearly 60 laps - filling Carter's rear view mirror with a JEGS logo and keeping his spotter talking for what must have seemed an eternity. 

Hill repeatedly looked to get inside of Carter coming out of turn four.  And somewhere between lap 60 and 65 Hill did just that getting just far enough inside Carter to make it stick going into the front stretch.  In short order, Hill completed the pass in turns one and two, but the caution flag flew for an unrelated spin-out.  And Carter assumed the lead again for the restart.

Hill wasted no time on the restart and climbed to the outside groove and pulled alongside Carter in turns one and two.  Carter, giving it his all, spun in turn two and Hill completed the outside pass in spectacular fashion.  And the crowd on hand went crazy for their hometown driver! 

As satisfying as the first MERS win is for Hill, there is little doubt that there is still a hunger to win the big one in September - the Main Event XXIII.  Only one driver has ever one that race more than once - Terry Sennaker from Michigan.  Maybe this is Hill's year, as he is now driving a Terry Sennaker built car.  Stay tuned.
Main Event Racing Series #0 Donnie "Zero" Hill