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01/24/21, 11:44 AM

Author Topic: Wanting To Add new graphics to Nr2003?  (Read 1622 times)

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Wanting To Add new graphics to Nr2003?
« on: 03/11/10, 11:52 PM »
Hi  I have been trying to figure out how too add shaders to NR2003 I dont really know much about computer programming but I do know a little about Shaders and Shader Settings. I can create Shaders but I dont know if they can be transcript to new code useing the rend_dxg.dll or rend_ogl.dll using a #include Stream. For Instance

# Include <rend_dxg.dll>
# include <rend_ogl.dll>

then setting the new code for the shaders for the game. I am not too sure about Programming but i do know that you can include .dlls but i'm not sure if that it good enough for NR2003. If anyone know 's programming or can help me that would be awesome.