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08/24/19, 08:24 PM

Author Topic: 2010 Season  (Read 941 times)

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2010 Season
« on: 01/17/10, 05:07 PM »
Who's ready to see the daytona 500!!!!!  ;D
I am... and i really hope jr gets his crap together...
anyways... im just anxious to see next season
time to end the 4 time in a row champion's streak
When Davey Allison went to heaven, he was met at the gate by Alan Kulwicki.  Behind Alan, Davey could see the #7 and #28 cars.  Alan said "Man this place is great.  The cars are setup perfect!"  Then Davey saw the #3 car and exclaimed  "Oh No!  Not Dale too!"  Alan said "No, THAT'S the car God races