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09/21/19, 11:17 PM

Author Topic: SNSC question  (Read 1327 times)

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SNSC question
« on: 01/13/10, 01:56 PM »
Is the SNSC70 "stunt spectacular" a seperate mod ? Or is it the same mod SNSC70 with a different mainback screen? Thanks for your support.

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Re: SNSC question
« Reply #1 on: 01/14/10, 07:09 AM »
"Stunt Spectacular" is the same SNSC mod, but a set of cars I painted as a tribute to the stunt performers in automotive thrill shows over the years. If you download the cars and the mainback, you don't really have a new mod, but a fun version of a great one.

Car paints are here - http://www.racingrafix.com/component/option,com_sobi2/catid,37/Itemid,42/ and the mainback is here - http://www.racingrafix.com/component/option,com_sobi2/sobi2Task,sobi2Details/_____catid,181/sobi2Id,1084/Itemid,42/

Thanks for asking!