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Paint Scheme Requests / LMPv2 request
« Last post by dhenn on 10/05/21, 12:27 AM »
Sim: NR2003
Mod: LMPv2
Car Model: Chrysler 300
Requesting just the BASE? N
Driver Name: Dwayne Hennessey
Number: 015
Number Font or Link: prismatic
Number Color(s): Neon red or yellow, which ever you think looks good.
Contig Set Pref: none

Primary: Mopar blue
Secondary: White (roof, rear deck lid, and hood only)
Wheel Color: Black

Primary: Mopar
Secondary: CanAm Race Cars
Associates: Dodge

Other details and Notes: If you think it looks good.... the way the numbers on the 2022 cup cars positioning could be tried.
Thanks Robert! I forgot to follow up on this post!
Tracks, Carsets & Addons / LMPv2 Hoosier MIP
« Last post by RacerRon13 on 09/18/20, 11:55 PM »
Need some guinea pigs to test these MIPs.  Just drop into your LMPv2 folder.  Be sure to back up your old ones.
3DS Max Render Request / Re: Render request
« Last post by jopajoe on 05/23/20, 08:22 PM »
Here you go
Hey Jeff,

Sorry for the late reply... we've moved discussion over to a new Facebook Group. RG-NR2003 https://www.facebook.com/groups/247452999786080/

But to answer your question, I never used nRatings really. I tried it, but I found if I just set the AI cars all settings 60-80+/- 3 to 5, and then a few stragglers (sliders down to 40's to 60's), and a few superstars (70's-90's) and then start a season at 95% strength and if they are kickin' your butt, slide it down to 92% or if you're winning too much, 96 or 97%.

That's how I did it back in the day.

As for graphics settings, I did the graphics tweaks based on my card size. but that's it.
General Discussion / Re: A couple of WIPs
« Last post by wyse104 on 04/22/20, 09:57 AM »
Another WIP. Swoop is a discount airline in Canada
General Discussion / Re: A couple of WIPs
« Last post by wyse104 on 04/20/20, 12:09 PM »
Thanks Robert.
General Discussion / Re: A couple of WIPs
« Last post by Robert Vining on 04/20/20, 11:09 AM »
Nice work!
Real Racing / Re: Throwback Thursday
« Last post by Brian Roberts on 04/16/20, 05:49 PM »
I heard about the radar gun the other day when they were talking about bristol dirt on a video I watched. It was insane how fast they were flying around that place.
NASCAR record is about 14.5 seconds, on dirt the Sprints were about 13.2 seconds, even more insane the Extreme Sprint series raced winged sprints on the concrete, laps were about 12.7 seconds
3DS Max Render Request / Render request
« Last post by wyse104 on 04/16/20, 08:18 AM »
NR2003 Mod: ASA90
Template creator:
Template version:
Car Model:T-Bird (I believe)
Import on:T-Bird

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