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Title: NR2003 vanilla kind of a weird set of questions..
Post by: jscharpf on 04/06/20, 07:52 PM
Hello all,
So maybe this is weird, as for the 15 or so years that I've owned NR2003, during a re-install, I would always go through the entire list of "tweaks" set your graphics file, player file, all these things to make the default cars look better (I'm sure you all know the routine), download more (higher resolution) cars, used NRatings to set my season, etc. etc....
So tonight (for some crazy reason) I decided to just fresh install the game, and the only thing I touched was the NO CD patch because I no longer have a CD player (still have the original CD LOL)..
So.. I ran through the intro, setup my wheel... and just loaded up a race.. and to my surprise, the game looks really good. The cars look really good! I mean, maybe it's a placebo effect or something, but the cars are very shiny, sharp.. I really didn't do anything..
..however, I don't know about the default ratings.. I'm used to loading up NRatings and it makes the AI very challenging.. now it seems like they are fairly easy.. I can see the ratings are nothing like what NRatings gives them using Masgrafx formula..
So my questions are..
Have any of you just run the vanilla game and do you think these ratings are realistic?
Have any of you run without all of the graphic tweaks?

Any thoughts on this?
The only reason I even bring it up is because I honestly don't see a big difference.
I'm not going to be racing the 2020 season so I pretty much stick to older series anyway..

Just wondering how any of you run your AI, your graphics, etc..

Sorry if this is an old irrelevant post :(

Title: Re: NR2003 vanilla kind of a weird set of questions..
Post by: Robert Vining on 04/30/20, 01:35 PM
Hey Jeff,

Sorry for the late reply... we've moved discussion over to a new Facebook Group. RG-NR2003 https://www.facebook.com/groups/247452999786080/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/247452999786080/)

But to answer your question, I never used nRatings really. I tried it, but I found if I just set the AI cars all settings 60-80+/- 3 to 5, and then a few stragglers (sliders down to 40's to 60's), and a few superstars (70's-90's) and then start a season at 95% strength and if they are kickin' your butt, slide it down to 92% or if you're winning too much, 96 or 97%.

That's how I did it back in the day.

As for graphics settings, I did the graphics tweaks based on my card size. but that's it.
Title: Re: NR2003 vanilla kind of a weird set of questions..
Post by: jscharpf on 10/01/20, 09:30 PM
Thanks Robert! I forgot to follow up on this post!