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Title: Pennsylvania Late Models... and others.
Post by: RacerRon13 on 05/09/17, 10:32 PM
I'm just going to use this post for updates on any cars that I post.  My priority is to finish cars from 2014 to 2016 at Motordrome and Jennerstown Speedways in Pennsylvania.  Plus, any new ones from the 2017 season.  Some will be brand new.  Others may be similar to previous years... with only a few changes... because some cars just don't change much over the years.  Still... if it's even slightly different, I'm posting it to have accurate cars for that particular season.  I've also gotten a lot of interest about my older cars; some which may have been posted at now-defunct websites.  (Thank God for RG)  There are actually a few that I painted for touring series such as the ASA Southeast Series.  Those cars I'll just post in the regular LMPv2 Paint Scheme folder.  So, while I get back to finishing some newer cars, I'll start posting my 2005 Jennerstown cars.  They ran both a Super Late Model and a Late Model division.  (They did the same in 2006, although the Late Model division had smaller car counts)   I had forgotten that Robert had already created folders for the 2005 season.  As much as I'd like to re-do them on 2048 templates, it's really not possible since my photos back then weren't of the highest resolution or quality... nor did I get into as much detail as I do now.  I am going back to change the lexan spoilers to my own creation.  I was never was too crazy about the grayish spoiler.  IF I can make any improvements, I will.  Nevertheless, I think they still look decent.  I'll have to get with Robert to create other folders for my cars that ran in Pennsylvania from 2006 to 2013... and a new 2016 folder.   As much as I like the 2-car back and front renders, I'm just going to use my old renders to save time.  Now... I do have a question for everyone.  Because some of these cars sets may be large... and cars are posted here individually... do you make your own rosters... or would you prefer a roster file be included?  I had considered adding a roster file to the first car in each newer folder created.   Just trying to make it easier for people.  I know when and where they ran, but you may not.  I do put the track and year on the car that you can see in the Opponent Manager.  Open to suggestions. 
Title: Re: Pennsylvania Late Models... and others.
Post by: RacerRon13 on 05/14/17, 08:26 PM
Today I added the first of many 2005 Jennerstown Super Late Models.  (There is about a dozen regular Late Models which I'll post as well)   This was available many years ago... somewhere... but I'd suggest getting this file.  I added my own Lexan, spoiler and better headlights.  As I will do from now on, the first car in every folder will have a roster of those cars I've created... or intend to create... and will be posted at a later date.
Title: Re: Pennsylvania Late Models... and others.
Post by: Robert Vining on 05/14/17, 10:34 PM
Hey Ron... glad to see you digging back into these. Whatever you decide for folders/years/rosters I'm good with it. Just try to make it easy on yourself. I know its really hard to get feedback from folks on sets over time. Whenever you need folders, just shoot me a PM. Thanks for sharing your work with everyone.
Title: Re: Pennsylvania Late Models... and others.
Post by: RacerRon13 on 05/15/17, 12:42 PM
Yes... I'll be in touch shortly.  I just didn't want to bump the other guy's cars off the main page since they had posted them in just the past few days.
Title: Re: Pennsylvania Late Models... and others.
Post by: RacerRon13 on 08/18/17, 10:38 PM
I've been holding off uploading my old cars because the guys here have been cranking out some great rides.  Didn't want to bump them off the main page with old stuff.  Added two Super Late Models and two regular Late Models.  I'll add more soon as time allows.
Title: Re: Pennsylvania Late Models... and others.
Post by: RacerRon13 on 05/20/18, 12:13 AM
Kinda forgot about uploading my 2005 cars.  Been trying to post some new stuff... Late Models and Super Cup Stock Car Series.  I posted four regular Late Models.  That does it as far as that division goes. There's one or two I could add, but will take some work.  The #08 Snooky Williams car (in the SLM section) ran in this division later in the season.  (Blew a motor and moved down to the regular Late Model division.  Will try to get some Supers uploaded as well.