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Title: New Track
Post by: dhenn on 08/09/14, 06:45 PM
I was just wondering if there was a website where I could pay to have a track built... or really updated... I am talking about the new sunset speedway?
Title: Re: New Track
Post by: Brian Peters on 08/14/14, 08:51 PM
I don't know of any but in 2012 some guys put out a Riverside Park track that I thought they did an excellent job on, here are credits from the readme file for that track:


The following is a list of the people who contributed to this project: 

1.  J.R. Franklin:  Original track concept and project development, graphic detailing and immersion, object editing, textures, horizons, start grids, Lps, AI (Artificial Intelligence, i.e. the computer controlled cars), surface grip levels, quality assurance and testing.

2.  Ian Smythe (Smiffsden.com): custom 3do object modeling and animations (Colossus Ferris Wheel, Swing Ride, Centrifuge Ride, Tower Lift Ride, skid marks, groove), Lps, cameras, troubleshooting, quality assurance, testing and overall general assistance and consulting.

3.  Wayne "Bowtie" Anderson: custom 3do object modeling (Thunderbolt Rollercoaster, flagstand, rollback, track lights, etc.) and general assistance/consulting.

4.  Carl Sundberg (Riviera71):  Base track layout done with Butter's Principle, custom 3do object modeling and overall project consultant.

5.  Robo19:  Custom 3do track object work (pit snack bar) and general assistance. 

6.  Matt Gilson:  cameras, quality assurance and testing.

7.  Wayne Faircloth:  Default Fast GNS and CTS setups.

8.  Aaron Maynard, Robin "Amtronic" Tice, John Hopkins and all of the guys in the NR2k3Tracks.com Editors forum:  beta testing and general assistance/consulting.

Additional credits: 

9.  Charli Brown:  WMT Haulers

10.  Denis Rioux:  1970's hauler objects.

I know some of those listed are members here, might hit some of them up, anyone that builds a track for the love of it just might be talked into doing one for cash ;)
Title: Re: New Track
Post by: Brian Peters on 08/14/14, 08:55 PM
P.S. the reason I list that is because you don't really want somebody to just "give it a try", if you seriously want a track and willing to pay someone to make it, you want a person or crew that can give you a quality track that is usable, that is why I listed the credits for that Riverside track, it was done as well as any track I have seen in NR2003, so if I was to try to get someone to build me a track, I would start at the top of that list and get my checkbook out =)