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Title: ***SPOILER*** Bud Shootout
Post by: Malachi Hamilton69 on 02/07/10, 07:21 AM
Thoughts? Questions? I just wanna say it was a great race and HARVICK WON!!! GO 29 GO!!!!! ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: Bud Shootout
Post by: nascarfreak88 on 02/07/10, 09:01 AM
I thought it was disappointing ending under caution. I think NASCAR should have brought back the unlimited Green-White-Checker rule. It would have given others another chance. Not particularly a fan of Harvick, but its good that he won.
Title: Re: Bud Shootout
Post by: NintendoBoy on 02/07/10, 09:23 AM
My opinion is at least give them 3 attempts to do a green white checkered because I know every single time that a wreck happens
Title: Re: Bud Shootout
Post by: Azevedo on 02/07/10, 09:30 AM
for me it was very entertaining - several good saves - and it looks like they have to work the gas/brake peddle a lot more with the larger plate

Title: Re: Bud Shootout
Post by: quadmaster on 02/07/10, 10:13 AM
JMO;I think we are in for a wreck-fested 500 with the change in the bump-draft rule.The drivers are going to get toooo aggressive and over anxious trying to fit and go through any hole they see ;not giving enough clearance.True it may be a more exciting race for the fans ;but how many good cars will not be around for the finish?
Title: Re: Bud Shootout
Post by: JimFoose on 02/07/10, 11:02 AM
McMurray should have won that race.  Its too bad Kahne and Biffle blocked the track up by staying out and Harvick just shoved his way through.  I thought the race had to end under green they said that during one of the many shows on tv last week. 
Title: Re: Bud Shootout
Post by: Corey Carpenter on 02/07/10, 11:52 AM
glad im not the only one who saw that
on the pre race show or whatever, they showed the new rules
one of them was it had to end under green... im sure of it
i was like... wtf when harvicks crew started celebrating
Title: Re: Bud Shootout
Post by: ShiftNOS18 on 02/07/10, 11:53 AM
As I said on another forum....McMurray has really impressed me...dude is probably the most underrated plate racer out there.
Title: Re: Bud Shootout
Post by: d_huffman on 02/07/10, 12:02 PM
It definitely was an exciting race overall. I would have liked to see it end under green flag like they said earlier that it would, but, hey, it's NASCAR!!! I think the 500 will definitely be a good show with the rule changes in place. I hope that this will bring racing back to what it should be. It's like they said last night, I don't think the drivers will get to crazy out there. Although NASCAR has stepped back a bit now, the drivers still have to answer to team owners, sponsors, .etc for their actions.