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08/16/22, 09:12 PM


#26 17' Ford #84 Hulkster Dodge #55 Mopar Dodge
#84 Hulkster Dodge
So with the year coming to an end and all and a resent post about practice cars I was doing some reminiscing and bit a feeling nostalgic and was going thru some of my early paints on nascarnet/nnracing so I decided to redo a car from 2002 that help me land my first painting crew job.Now mind I've done this for many or years but it was mostly privately or for my team mates that I had of the course of those years.And all this before I found a home here at Racing Grafix.So picked this car to redo modern. Happy New year everyone And Thank you Robert for RG.

Render by: garrett1127 at Stunod's

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Posted12/31/17, 08:28 PM
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Keywords#84, Hulk Hogan, Hulkamania, Hulkster, dodge, jopajoe, retro, MENCS17
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