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10/14/19, 03:11 AM


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series_f­lagger Updat… Hoosier (Late) Tire…
series_flagger Update
Re-did the series_flagger to fix a problem with the Sunoco logo on the crew gas can. And since I was there anyway I made a new floor jack.

edit:I really need to stop doing stuff like this in the middle of the night after a 10 1/2 workday. If you downloaded this before 08/01/15 re-download it as I added the wrong .mip file. All should be fine now.

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  • Racin Grafix Painter
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Posted07/22/15, 02:41 AM
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Last Edited08/01/15, 03:21 PM
Painter 'Sage'
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Comment #1 - Posted on 07/22/15, 10:10 AM
That's really nice, thank You very much Sage. :)
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