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05/07/21, 08:45 AM


V8 Indy Car Mod Paint Schemes
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#05 Dodge/Mopar Indy Car posted by jopajoe 08/05/19, 02:23 AM 93
Requested By: Dhenn
Zip file has both the Speedway and the Road Course versions of the car.
#26 Quaker State SS Indy car posted by jopajoe 02/14/14, 09:34 PM 258 1 4.94 (1 vote)
Requested by : Steve Wright

Special Thanks to WoofGM for help with the template work,wheels and added layers and for the Render.
#26 Quaker State RC Indy car posted by jopajoe 02/14/14, 09:31 PM 329 4.97 (3 votes)
Requested By: Steve Wright

Special Thanks to WoofGM for help with the template work,wheels and added layers and for the Render.
30 Arie Luyendyk Dominos Hot One posted by Chadley 05/28/11, 02:44 AM 820 3 4.96 (2 votes)
Arie Luyendyk's famous Domino's Pizza Hot One

Render by DawsonvilleBill9
2 Johnny Rutherford Gatorade Indy Car posted by Chadley 05/15/11, 08:56 PM 668 4.97 (3 votes)
Texan Johnny Rutherford's Gatorade Indy Car.

Render by DawsonvilleBill9
98 Gary Bettenhausen's Evel Knievel car posted by Chadley 05/12/11, 09:03 PM 628 4.70 (3 votes)
In 1977 Gary Bettenhausen drove a car in the Indy 500 sponsored by motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel. As a big Knievel fan I just had to do this somewhat obscure Indy Car. Had to take some creative liberties in putting this paint on a modern style car.

Render by DawsonvilleBill9
40 STP Swede Savage posted by Chadley 04/28/11, 11:06 PM 554 2 3.32 (3 votes)
Swede Savage's 1973 STP machine.

Render by DawsonvilleBill9. Thanks Dave!
22 Home Depot Tony Stewart Indy Car posted by Chadley 04/18/11, 10:00 PM 786 3.60 (3 votes)
Tony Stewart's Home Depot car from the 1999 Indianapolis 500. This was the first of two attempts at "Double Duty" for Stewart, where he drove the Indy 500 and the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte on the same day.

I was at Indy that day pulling for him.

Render by DawsonvilleBill9.
63 Dakotagraph.com Indy Car posted by Chadley 04/14/11, 05:39 AM 503 3.60 (3 votes)
My personal Indy Car ride sponsored by my website - http://www.dakotagraph.com plus Rushmore Scenic Byway, Badlands Byway, South Dakota Tourism, the Black Hills Photo Shootout and Black Hills, Badlands and Lakes.

Thanks as always to DawsonvilleBill9 for the render.
71 Miller Beer Indy Car posted by Chadley 04/10/11, 07:03 PM 661 4.96 (2 votes)
Inspired by Danny Sullivan's Miller High Life car that won the CART championship in 1988. As of this writing, the real car is for sale. So if you need a really cool racing souvenir - http://www.500legends.com/product.php?p=77

Great render by DawsonvilleBill9 as usual.
4 Tom Sneva Texaco Star posted by Chadley 03/24/11, 07:40 AM 866 4.96 (2 votes)
For the V8IndyCar mod by http://www.smiffsden.com/index.php

Render by DawsonvilleBill9
19 Raul Boesel Duracell posted by Chadley 03/17/11, 08:19 PM 698 4.96 (2 votes)
Render by DawsonvilleBill9

V8IndyCar mod available at http://www.smiffsden.com/portal.php
55 Josele Garza Schlitz Beer Indy Car posted by Chadley 02/15/11, 01:16 AM 743 4.94 (1 vote)
Josele Garza's Schlitz Beer machine from way back when.

Render by DawsonvilleBill9.

Logos by Google.
38 M&Ms Indy Car posted by Chadley 02/13/11, 05:55 PM 648 2 4.09 (5 votes)
Requested by Ben Peterson, based on Elliott Sadler's 2003 Cup Car.

Number modified from version at Masgrafx.

Render by DawsonvilleBill9.
02 Emerson Fittipaldi Indy Car posted by Chadley 01/29/11, 04:26 PM 837 3.90 (4 votes)
The latest in my series of semi-historic Indy Cars - the Marlboro Team Penske beauty of Emerson Fittipaldi.

Those red stripes at that angle are not the easiest thing to put on these shapes. Gives me a renewed appreciation for the guys who paint or decal the real cars.

Render by DawsonvilleBill9.
07 Pepsi Power Cup Challenge posted by Chadley 01/22/11, 06:11 PM 569 4.09 (5 votes)
The Pepsi Power Cup Challenge presented by River City Racin' is an Unlimited Light Hydroplane race on the Missouri River at Chamberlain, South Dakota. The 2011 race will be June 18-19. Check it out at http://www.rivercityracin.org. It's a really cool event put on by a committee of volunteers.

Render by DawsonvilleBill9
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