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Super Cup Stock Car Series
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2018  #44N - AJ Henriksen posted by RacerRon13 09/07/19, 05:42 PM 41
AJ drove this Bob Schacht Motorsports car to a 4th Place finish in the opening race of the 2018 season at Dominion Speedway; his only race of the year.  Finished 33rd in the points.   Render by JoPaJoe.
2018  #12 - Brad Teague posted by RacerRon13 09/07/19, 05:37 PM 29
Former NASCAR driver who competed in three Super Cup races in 2018 with three Top 10s and one Top 5.  Finished 20th in points.  Included are two versions of his car.  Credit to James Bancroft for the hood logo. Render by JoPaJoe.
2018  #68 - Allen Purkhiser posted by RacerRon13 09/07/19, 04:37 PM 47
The former Hooters Pro Cup driver competed in the first race of the season at Dominion Speedway; finishing in 2nd Place.  The second race of the evening was rained out.  32nd in points.  Render by JoPaJoe.
2018  #16 - JJ Pack posted by RacerRon13 09/07/19, 04:02 PM 39
The former Hooters Pro Cup and 2014 Super Cup champion competed in three races in 2018.  As a team owner, he often shares rides with other drivers such as Tim Richardson and Edward Adams III.  23rd in points.  Render by JoPaJoe.
2018  #77 - Kevin Kromer posted by RacerRon13 09/07/19, 03:36 PM 23
Kevin was crowned the Super Cup Northern Series champion.  He scored 7 Top 10s and 6 Top 5s in running all 12 races on the schedule.  He finished 4th overall in points.  Render by JoPaJoe.
2018  #75 - Bob Schacht v.1 posted by RacerRon13 09/07/19, 03:31 PM 31
The former ARCA star scored five victories on his way to the overall Super Cup championship in 2018.  This is any earlier version of his 2018 ride.  Render by JoPaJoe.
2018  #41N - Andrew Kostelnik posted by RacerRon13 09/07/19, 02:32 PM 31
A regular competitor at Jennerstown Speedway, Andrew and Minjock Racing competed in all six Super Cup races at Jennerstown in 2018.  The series rookie garnered three 3rd Place finishes.  Competed in six of the 12 races and finished 12th overall in points.  Render by JoPaJoe.
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